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These rules presently cover our community across FFXIV and our social platforms.
We are in the transitional phase of growing into a larger community and establishing Azure branches/clans/squads/guilds in other games, while also creating universal rules and rank descriptions that will appear in the near future.
Please follow our guidelines as best possible across our community regardless of location.

Welcome to the Azure Infinitum page for Free Company, Linkshell, Discord, Website, and Community Guidelines!

  • EDITED 7/18/18 These rules must be adhered to and are strict guidelines expected of all members of the Azure Infinitum Free Company, Infinitum Alliance Linkshell, Facebook Group, Discord, and this website. Rules are subject to change over time and the Free Company Master and/or Officers reserve the right to change rules either with a council majority approved vote or not depending on the scenario. By entering our free company or continuing to use Azure Infinitum services (for alumnus and ex-players who want to keep in contact), you agree to the rules on this page, which cover basic courtesies, etiquette, and community guidelines.
Removal, Bannings, Hearings, and Trials
  • EDITED 7/18/18 If these rules are abused or broken by any member of Azure Infinitum of any rank, the Free Company Master reserves the right to remove offending members from the Azure Infinitum Free Company, the Infinitum Alliance Linkshell, Infinitum Alliance Discord Server, and/or the Azure Infinitum website.
  • If a member was discharged from the Free Company, removed from the Alliance LS, deactivated on this website, or banned from our Discord, that player will be informed why the action took place if possible. If a player feels a wrongful decision was made, they can request a meeting with the Azure Council, and in some cases have their offenses forgiven and be welcomed back into the Azure Infinitum network whether it be FC, Website, Linkshell, Discord, FB Group, or PS4 Community. In some cases alumnus or alliance related players could be placed on our ban list. Placement on our ban list results in a permanent ban from all Azure Infinitum resources including formal requests to desist interaction with our members and/or all activity or proximity to our services or physical locations in FFXIV. If these requests and/or agreements are breached, we reserve the right to take further action. (See Authoratative and Disciplinary Action section at the bottom of this page.)
  • EDITED w/Additions 7/18/18 The Free Company Master reserves the right to demote any rank based on good cause that may or may not be shared with others, and breaking the rules on this page is a main reason. Before, during, or after a demotion takes place, the Azure Council is informed. Any player who feels they were wrongfully demoted is welcome to seek an audience with the Free Company Master with or without Azure Council members, in an attempt to be reinstated.
  • Appeals are very rare but are allowed within reason. Any players who are banned, demoted, or disagree with a leading decision, usually has a right to enact an appeal process, which begins with a hearing by the Azure Council and the appealing party, and in worst cases, trials can be called on to gain a public opinion and decision that could make a difference. During an Azure Trial, an unsuccessfully appealed player stands before The Azure Council, and members of Azure Infinitum, as their reasons for their banning, demotion, or disagreement is presented, while the full council and the free company members debate. Fair trials are a final and last resort tactic to the decision making process but are offered in the chance one's case can be proven beyond previous Azure Council decision.

Etiquette, Private Issues, Blacklisting, Council Orders
  • EDITED 6/22/17 Members off all Rank shall respect each other. We are all friends, we are like a family and comrades that stick together!
  • If a member has a personal issue with another member, those members shall resolve their issue privately outside of FC and Alliance LS chat. If this is not possible and it continues it shall be brought to the attention of a Lieutenant, Officer, or the Free Company Master which may lead to a course of action that could be a demotion or a discharge. Some members may be able to coexist in the same company with each other, Blacklisting helps in this case. If you've Blacklisted a Lieutenant, Officer, or the Free Company Master you must inform another Lieutenant, Officer, or the Free Company Master why you did so. This is so we can either solve the issue or know what leading rank you cannot read text from. Members who Blacklist any of the mentioned ranks and do not report it may face certain consequences.
  • EDITED 6/22/17 Orders given by leadership ranks like Lieutenants and Officers, are to be obeyed and carried out accordingly. If a member has an disagreement or an issue with an order, they can post details about it on the forums, contact a higher rank, contact the Free Company Master, or resolve it in /tells in-game or PM's on the site or in-game.
  • Orders are not given often or directly, but most expected during events like raids and other activities. If an order is given it is advised that you adhere to it, most often it comes down from the chain of command. (example: "stop doing that, change topics please, move to another area, don't block the door, etc")As always if you disagree with an order you can inform a higher rank or the Free Company Master via /tell, pm on the site, or request a meeting.
  • There will be times that could come when quick decisions are made, and those decisions must be respected, especially in rough situations. Under certain situations however, some quick decisions could possibly be made poorly. If members feel there was a decision that was poorly made they are to contact the Free Company Master or another Officer. This way that mistake could be prevented in the future. If a Lt. or Officer makes an important and/or quick decision regarding a certain situation and it is carried out poorly and/or is not reported after having negative effects that Officer will be reprimanded and placed under strict review possibly resulting in demotion or in extreme cases- removed from Azure Infinitum altogether.
Speech and No-Drama Policy
  • EDITED 6/22/17 All bickering, on-going arguments, trash-talking, erotic speech, hate-speech, discrimination, racism, and drama of any kind is completely prohibited from the FC chat channel, Linkshell, FB Group, Discord, PS4 Community, and website. All bickering or drama shall be taken to /tells and handled privately.
  • If it is not resolved in /tells and continues to effect the community, then action will be taken. If you or anyone you know is aware of any drama of any kind at any time, please inform a leading rank. (Officer, LT., Master) Scouts can also get messages quickly to the council should you have serious concerns about drama, we ask that you please document and provide screenshots to help in our investigations. We'll still take reports but proof will solve situations the fastest. You can make a report at any time via sending a message with/without screenshots to any Scout, Lieutenant, Officer, or the Free Company Master on this website, through PlayStation Network, on our Discord, or on Facebook. In-game /tells or Mog Mail with/without imgur link is a last resort, and have the potential to be missed via disconnects, chat flooding, or other in-game situations.
Discussing Spoilers
  • Edited w/Additions 7/18/18 Spoilers in FC Chat, Linkshells, FB Groups, Discord, PS4 Community, and Website are prohibited and are counted as: Main Story Quest deaths, big revelations, exposed story secrets, crucial plot devices, and certain endgame dungeons/trials. Ex: Talking about a certain someone's death or loss of an arm, how ___ destroyed ___, so-and-so's final form in detail, or fighting ____ at the end of Heavensward. We can't police everything as a spoiler, talking about the new job abilities, equipment, or some new areas and enemies besides bosses are not prohibited. We take it seriously enough to protect the value in our member's Main Story Quest experience overall. There may be times when content is very old and the majority has seen it, keep in mind who may be online or if there are sprouts present when choosing to discuss certain storyline topics. We wont demerit anyone for discussing spoilers if the only people online are 70's who've completed the Main Story Quest. This is a general guideline we will do our best to be flexible with. We ask that you please be courteous and cautious when you decide to discuss the Main Story Quest. One great recommendation is to form a private party with those you'd like to discuss spoilers with. The Discord "Lore" and "Other World" channels are exempt from these rules, but if it looks like someone is purposefully going overboard to post spoilers frequently on purpose, we will find their action as troll behavior and proceed with consequences.
Chat Spamming, FC Representation, and Hunt Call-Outs
  • UPDATED 7/18/18 When speaking in public channels like /say, /yell, /shout, and others, please remember that you're representing your FC. Humor is permitted, but outright trolling, abusive language, spamming, etc., is not permitted. Examples of spamming: typing the same lines 3-5+ times in a row, doing it several times in the same hour, annoying others with the same things over and over. These situations will be left to the best judgement of the Council Ranks (Lt., Officer, FC Master) who will at that time request that you cease what they're requesting. In the case of Hunts, all Hunt Ranks being can be sparingly called out in free company and public chats, the same rules will apply, Hunts are welcomed to be called out regardless of Hunt Ranks so long that it does not annoy the free company constantly or break our rules on spamming. Hunts are very useful to players of FFXIV and our own members, are welcome to be called out in free company chat, and should also not be abused. (FC-Official LS's rules will be at the discretion of the LS leaders, ie; calling out hunts constantly in the gathering LS/Alliance LS/Static LS, etc...)
  • Azure Infinitum has its own Hunt LS, and we greatly prefer you to join it and help us make call-outs in it, and will be recommended to do so, especially if you are commonly calling out Hunts in FC Chat. Those who are persistently seen to call out hunts in FC Chat could be asked to take their call-outs to the official LS.
Handling Your Character, Intoxication, Depression/Anxiety, Harm to Self or Others, and FC Representation Cont.
  • Edited 7/18/18 Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the actions of YOUR character. You are completely responsible for any scenario involving a situation where another person in real life controls your character should it happen. Negative activity and rules that are broken while someone else controls your character will not excuse you from reprimand or a discharge from Azure Infinitum. Ranked members who cause any damages to Azure Infinitum and/or it's online network because of such will face extreme penalties and repercussions. Be responsible and know who may have access to your console/PC/apparatus that you use to log-in to FFXIV, or any of our Azure Infinitum services.
  • Edited 7/18/18 In the case of intoxication and/or mental illness we do our absolute best to be understanding of our member's situations and real life problems or conditions. Please be responsible, playing the game intoxicated or under an influence could have effects and it isn't uncommon for a negative situation to arise from irresponsibility and/or belligerence due to substances. Depression is extremely common, respect each other no matter what, and should you know another member is having a rough time, keep in mind that not everyone can handle the same loads. With this in mind, know that we also prohibit the mocking of depression and suicide along with other mental disorders. Being depressed or being drunk is also no excuse to treat others poorly, members will be held to the rules regardless. As mentioned above, if any member has a disagreement with an authoritative decision they can request a meeting with the Free Company Master with or without Council Members present. Depending on the severity (ex: member gets wasted, angers and offends the company chat and empties the chest VS says a few rude things) longstanding members of good behavior may receive a fair pardon with as much as a note in the record. Violence, verbal-abuse, poor attitude, abuse of company assets, and all forms of breaking Azure Infinitum guidelines due to these issues will also not be tolerated.
  • ADDED 7/18/18 We take threats of self-harm or harm to others very seriously. By law appropriate reports should be made if anyone has any inclination that someone means to harm themselves or someone else in real life. This means that severe consequences could arise should something occur or someone carries out their intent. The Azure Council reserves the right to use personal information such as emails, addresses, city names, names of countries, phone numbers, IP addresses, in-game names, discord accounts, or other information that members in our community have personally chosen to share, and that if we know them or have them, we will use them to make a report to authorities. If we do not have the information mentioned previously, reports to GM's in FFXIV and potentially Discord's management will be made, who may then take further action.
  • It is highly recommended with utmost importance that if you have feelings of self-harm or suicidal thoughts that you seek professional assistance or if you live in the US, call the National Suicide Hotline (Call 1-800-273-8255) available 24 hours a day, or (Call 1-877- 673-2712) for military veterans if preferred. Talk of self-harm and suicide, or harm to others is a very serious thing and will not be taken lightly. Anyone threatening to harm others in real life may be subject to removal and banning from the Azure Infinitum network, community, in-game free company, and all related services.
Role Playing, ERP, RP Suggestions, and Real Life Meetups
  • RP is ok, but Azure Infinitum is not a role-play centered Free Company. Be thoughtful of what you write in the FC channel, please keep in mind what may be viewed as offensive and/or insensitive towards things like medical conditions, personal issues, and above all do not monopolize the FC channel for your own ongoing role-play conversations. Be courteous to the 40-60 people online who have to see, or need the FC chat. Examples of what's ok: *hugs* *sees ____ and glomps them, then runs to the MB* *congratulates ____ on their new weapon and hands them a sandwich* *sees the Paissa and pets it, feeling its smooth fur and deciding to make a blanket later while enjoying savory Paissa meat* What isn't okay: Playing on or making fun of depression, suicide, mental disorders, racial remarks, attacking religious views, hate-speech, real world controversial political issues- those things should give you an idea of what is not ok.
  • ERP (erotic role-play) is prohibited from free company chat, Alliance LS, around the Free Company estate or in public during Azure Infinitum events, our Facebook Group, Discord, and PlayStation 4 community, and will not be tolerated. Get a room, form a party, or take it to tells. Remember that as a member you represent Azure Infinitum and we ask that you consider not tarnishing the community's reputation by getting it on in public channels. Think twice before doing the deed at an aetheryte plaza- take it to a private estate, room, party, tells.
  • Real-life meetups are welcomed as more members forge strong bonds, friendships, and relationships. We do ask that you be responsible in your decisions to meet up with anyone you've met online. Azure Infinitum is not responsible for any decisions or situations occurring in real-life and are based on your sole discretion. Meetups are never considered Official Events and cannot be moderated by the Azure Council. Real-life meetups may be scheduled, shared, and hosted by our members, and our general guidelines are expected to stay in tact in real life. Should you experience problems, danger, or negative situations in real life you are free to report to any Council Member, but we suggest that you please refer to real-life Law Enforcement for any trouble. If a real-life meetup occurs feel free to share pics and/or video! We may even put them in the Infinitum Insider if you like!


Discord General Rules, Mature Lounge, Visitors
  • EDITED 3/26/18 In the case of Discord please know that conversation is a defualt PG-13 atmosphere and mature conversations should be held in the Mature Lounge channel. Also keep in mind that with Discord, conversations can flow from one thing to the next through a variety of topics and is not 100% moderated all the time, so use our Discord at your own discretion.
  • Our Discord is meant to have a positive atmosphere with good sportsmanship for raids, dungeons, FC events, and lots of casual conversations while enjoying Final Fantasy XIV and Other Worlds as our members may also casually use Discord while playing other games. Anyone deliberately disrupting this balance and/or abusing the Discord will be permabanned.Discord is NOT your place to state opinions for/to discuss controversial topics, argue, or bicker with others and create a negative environment doing so. Short conversations about politics, equality, religions, etc. is fine as long as they are not defamatory in any way. We find nothing wrong with telling someone what you believe in, but telling someone how much you hate it is not permitted whatsoever. Our general rules apply to Discord channels and chat channels alike, however the Mature Lounge is an enter-at-your own risk area where 18+ topics and language rules are relaxed but is still not a place to defame others or be unkind to one another, and disturbingly violent graphic content or full on nudity/porn and graphic hentai is not permitted. The NFSW tag is present to remind Discord users to view if only over the age of 18, but we still take caution in how graphic the content posted there is allowed to be. Visitors to our discord including but not limited to Azure Alumnus, Non-Allied Members, FC Members' Friends, and Visitors will not be ranked in the Azure Infinitum Discord immediately until their identity in-game is confirmed. Non-ranked members cannot use many features of the Azure Infinitum Discord. Discord Visitors that idle and afk or do not join the Free Company or its Alliance partners in-game may be asked to leave or kicked from the Azure Infinitum Discord after an extended period of time. Our Discord serves our loyal members and alliance members, visitors are welcome but its not the place for outsiders to consistently loiter in.
Member Discords, Advertising In Our Services, Crowdfunding, and Donation Campaigns
  • ADDED 5/6/18 Your own personal discord server may be awesome, but refrain from sharing links to it in our chat channels, nothing says "Hey guys I'm here to tell you to use mine instead!" than shouting out your own private server while we're constantly promoting our members to use ours. We believe such acts to potentially fracture the community and cause less activity to take place where it should. Our voice channels as well as our text channels are not your place to advertise your own discord, free company, private hunt or crafting & gathering linkshells, or extended services that would take activity away from the services provided for our members of Azure Infinitum. We have zero tolerance for advertising and will act on habitual offenders to the degrees of our authoritative actions.
  • Gofundme and crowdfunding campaigns are viewed as fine to share in our community, however excessive spamming of such throughout our discord, FB, website, and in-game channels is prohibited as is all spam. If you are found to be using our services for your own gain and it is revealed to be under false pretenses or if it is discovered that your campaign is a lie, you will be banned outright from all facets, social in-game and other services of Azure Infinitum altogether, including our discord, website, and PS4 Community, and our Facebook Group. For those who're donating to member-run crowdfunding/donation campaigns, donate at your own risk and use your head. Azure Infinitum does not condone schemes and all posted campaigns are individual responsibilities of those posting them.
Facebook General Rules, Behavior, and Etiquette
  • In the case of our Facebook Group, similar rules apply. Conversation is at default PG-13, anything of more mature nature should be messaged privately, kept off the group feed. The Group is moderated by members of the Council and our Scouts. Any of them reserve the right to remove anyone from the group who is caught causing disruptive behavior or abusing the Group Feed with general negativity ie; defamatory remarks, political, religious, and controversial topics that are best left out of our Group which focuses on further positively promoting the community we've built and the game our Free Company takes place in. Those caught causing disruptive behavior in the Facebook Group will be given a warning, those removed will be given an in-game warning. Repeat offenders will find themselves discharged and removed from the Azure Infinitum network overall.
  • Anyone is free to personally add others in the group to their own friends list on Facebook. Anyone reserves the right to accept or not accept friend requests, block anyone they feel like, and unfriend anyone they're uncomfortable with. This does not reflect Azure Infinitum whatsoever as those things are private between people themselves. Any drama involving such matters is strictly prohibited from spilling into the Facebook Group or anywhere in the Azure Infinitum network. Adding each other is recommended as the goal from the beginning is to make friends and have fun. If someone unfriends or blocks you, deal with it and move on. This isn't High School, no one is obligated to be your friend on Facebook. If a someone is harassing you or breaking Azure Infinitum general guidelines overall that is more serious and a Council member should be informed. Assume that Azure Infinitum's general guidelines apply not only here, but to the rest of the internet and cyberspace as well for all members.Keep in mind that the FB Group roster or member list may not contain all Azure Infinitum members, Azure Alumnus, or Allied Members.(more to be added to this section soon)


Company Assemblies & Meetings, Staying Informed, Propositions of Ideas or Feeback, and Attending or Reading Meetings
  • Company Meetings will be held once a month depending on circumstances. These meetings are not mandatory for all members, however Officers are expected to attend unless giving notice prior to the meeting why they cannot attend posted in the Officer's forum, or /tell, chat, or Mog Mail to FC Master or another Officer.

  • It is highly suggested that all members do their best to attend Company Meetings if possible, as important decisions, plans, goals, and news are subject to announcement from Company Meetings first before being posted anywhere else.
  • It is permitted to bring friends or future recruits with you to our Company Meetings, however you must inform those accompanying you to abide by our General Rules during the meeting, and hold questions until after the announcements have been made. You are completely responsible for your guests during events and meetings and will be reprimanded for their actions should things get out of control and/or rules broken.
  • Company Meetings provide a great open forum for you to openly speak, suggest, or discuss ideas or issues related to the time between the current and last meeting. Company Meetings are not a place to discuss any topic not presented by a Leader (Master or Officers) during the announcement and discussion part of the meeting. Meetings are also not a place to discuss non-FC related topics or non-FFXIV related topics during the open forum segment toward the end. Members are completely welcome to make proposals, suggest ideas, or announce an event they might be holding once main announcements have been made.
  • Anyone who wishes to further discuss topics either presented at the meeting, or ones that weren't to do time constraints or absence can do so on this site at the company meeting discussion thread.
  • Any member stalling or interrupting the course of Company Meetings shall be ordered to leave said meeting.
  • Members can propose new events in the forums for review outside of Company Meetings. When doing this, please remember to give details about the event that will help Leaders consider helping your event gain the exposure needed to have more awareness for said event.
  • Members can also create events of their own on the calendar. Members must abide by their events and attend them, otherwise cancel your event if you can't make it. Repeatedly creating events and not carrying on with them is cause for removal from Azure Infinitum. Trolling the event calendar or putting completely useless events up are cause for demotion or discharge.
Events, Event Gathering, Event Bench, Back Up Groups
  • For events that require signing up, members are highly recommended to mark their attendance to events they plan on attending on the event pages and then actually attend them. It will be assumed that you're attending a signed event unless notice is given beforehand.
  • This also goes for events made via forum ie; you've signed up for specific runs then we will be expecting you to be there.Members who do not show up after marking their attendance to events will have secondary privileges at events where timing or order matter.

  • Gathering for all events in Azure Infinitum will begin 30 minutes before events are listed to begin and attendance will usually be checked for main events like Company Meetings, Official FC Raids, and possibly more to come- for Azure Council notes.
  • If an event only requires a certain number of players such as statics or raids, it will be first-come, first-serve and extra members will be placed on the bench. The only exception to this will be if you directly signed up AND showed up on time.
  • During your time on the bench you are free to engage in any activities as long as you remain available to the event to join at any time.This applies to situations where a pre-made static that was worked out over the forums was not in question.
Weekly Events, Repairs, and Event Etiquette
  • Weekly events like Treasure Thursdays and 24-man series raids are first-come first-serve.
  • During most weekly events such as 24-Man Fridays, Treasure Thursdays, and Wondrous Wednesdays, the Azure Council will provide one or more backup groups for those who do not make it into the initial alliances or parties. In some rare cases if only a single or very low number of members do not make it in, depending on who's available, we might ask you to be understanding and sit one event out if it becomes difficult or vastly time-consuming to form a full party for one or very few members who needs the event that didn't make it in.
  • Please remember to repair your gear before events with raids, dungeons, primals, etc. Members who request the help of other members and take them into a duty thus only to realize their gear is almost broken or broken, usually wastes a lot of time or increases the difficulty the party will face. This is treated as wasting members' time and may be cause for disciplinary action. Repeat offenders will be discharged. This also applies to members who continuously ask for help who are extremely under-geared and pull others in to duties with them, thus wasting their time.
  • EDITED w/ADDITIONS 7/18/18 Members who go AFK the entire time during Company Meetings and/or Events that we hold will not have their attendance counted. While not mandatory it is truly wonderful for as many as possible to fully attend our events and/or meetings, where you will stay up to date, have questions answered, and contribute to your FC becoming a better place. If you have gone afk or disconnected during an event and have not returned after some time, it is up to the discretion of the party leader to kick you and make room for someone else. Most of the time event parties will have a leading rank set to party leader, or a member with a special order. If you become notorious for going AFK during FC events, you may become temporarily suspended from joining our events or banned from them altogether if severe enough. We are absolutely understanding of random aggro from real life/doorbell rings/parent or child aggro/disconnects/etc, but we ask that you please do your best to make appropriate preparations to be able to attend our events without issues beforehand.
  • EDITED 6/22/17 Excessive absences outside of a player's school/work/RL schedules will have repercussions in raid priority for scheduled and/or signed events, and possible rank status or promotion potential within the Free Company if severe enough.
  • We are friendly to players of all play-styles and experience, and we certainly do not mind having casual players- however, do not sign yourself up to special events and official FC raids and statics should you think something may keep you from faithfully attending it.


Recruits and Promotions
  • EDITED 7/18/18 Upon joining Azure Infinitum you will recieve the "Recruit" rank. You will keep this rank for either 3 full days, or 3 days of noticed activity in which FC Master or an Officer will use good judgement to promote you to the "Member" rank. If you're a returning Azure Infinitum member who was kicked via our 60 day inactivity policy, you will be reinstated to member. If you have left the FC and are returning after some time, you'll be treated as a recruit. If you have left the FC and return the same day, you will be reinstated to a member rank if that was what you had before. If you join the FC with your Alt and have proven to us who your Main is, your alt will receive member status as soon as possible. (ADDED 6/9/19): Alts who're offline for more than 30 days or alts that have not been registered at: will be discharged.
  • Those returning from On Vacation status will be reinstated to their previous rank as soon as possible after it is discovered that they have returned. For Scouts and higher who spent up to 4 months On Vacation, or those who were discharged for violating our 60 or 120-day inactivity policy, could be returned to Member rank upon returning to FFXIV after a long break until approached by Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima or an Azure Council member to decide if you are still serious about your previous rank.
  • If you are a new recruit you may be asked to join the FC in several events in efforts to evaluate your situational awareness, social fit/personality, and your job/role abilities. Its usually common that we invest in our members and usually this happens on it's own.
  • ADDED 7/18/18 Scout Rank is available to members who meet requirements to join the Scout Initiative. These requirements are listed here, and may be subject to future updates. Scouts who feel a fire to step forward and take on further responsibilities to serve Azure Infinitum can request a meeting with Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, or any Azure Council member to inquire about being promoted to Lieutenant Rank. Scouts who wish to rank up typically go through a long period of training as a trial period that gives them more responsibilities. Scouts who have had good record with continued zeal and passion over several months following their inquiry could be promoted. Lieutenants who wish to rank up must inquire to Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima about promotion to Officer rank. Officer promotions are made after an extensive period of a Lieutenant's service, and are finalized with a vote from all Officers and Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima.
Company Chest General Rules, Permissions, Spamming, and Abuse
  • Recruits have no access to the company chest aside from the ability to donate shards/crystals/clusters and gil if desired. This is to prevent those who would spite us from coming in and stealing from the chest and proceed to leave the FC afterward. Even though someone can still wait 3 days and do it anyways, it still gives us 3 days to feel them out. After 3 days as a Recruit or 3 active days as judged by FC Master or an Officer, you'll be promoted to "Member" status and have access to the company chest and more permissions right away.
  • EDITED 6/22/17 The company chest is not to be spammed with useless items. If you have filled an entire page with cheap or useless items that are not useful to the rest of the FC your items may be removed and immediately liquidated, in which gil from liquidated items will be donated to the chest.
  • Items deemed useless will be at the discretion of the Master, Officer, or Lt. who takes them in bulk along with other items. These items most often will be items that have sat in the chest for long periods of time without interest or usefulness, items that there are way too many of, low-end seeds, low-level gear/materia, cheap minions no one wants, and common or garbage mats. If an item isn't high-quality or shares a general usefulness in the game please refrain from putting it into the chest.As of Patch 4.0, we will remove all materia lower than Grade IV, as well as cleaning out the company chest and liquidating useless items on a weekly basis.

  • FC Master, Officers and Lieutenants reserve the right to take items that you've placed into the company chest at anytime under their personal judgement and may or may not return them. All players of "Member" rank or higher also have the right to take any items aside from gil in the company chest tabs 1-2, so only put in what you're truly willing to donate at your own risk.
  • Its not advised that you put items in to pick up on an alt you may have in the FC, if someone takes them its your fault.
  • The company chest has a history tab and members caught abusing the chest, spamming the chest and filling up it up, taking large quantities of items at a time or trolling the chest in general will be reprimanded, possibly asked for reimbursement, and/or possibly removed from Azure Infinitum.
  • All gil deposited in the company chest is considered FINAL unless otherwise judged by FC Master, so choose your amounts wisely. Gil donated via the company chest is used to fund FC events, Workshop purposes, or other FC-related needs that often surface.
Azure Services & Free Company Permissions and Ranks Cont.
  • EDITED 6/22/17 Forum ranks/permissions are all based on member rank in the Azure Infinitum FFXIV Free Company and will not be changed.
  • Free Company permissions are all based on member's ranks and will not be changed unless ruled otherwise by FC Master.Discord permissions are all based on member rank and will not be changed.Facebook Group Permissions are based on scout ranks and higher.
  • If at any time you feel the need to verify the needs, permissions or other questions about your own status or ranking, privately contact an Officer or FC Master.
  • Ranked members (Scouts and higher) are always expected to uphold their ranks and the values, guidelines and rules, and harmony of Azure Infinitum as a whole.
Recruitment, Event Grouping Priority, and Recruitment Cont.
  • EDITED 6/22/17 All members of Azure Infinitum are welcome to bring friends, family, and other players into the Free Company by recruiting them in. If you are a "Member" rank or below, please ask your possible recruit to send in an application to the FC, or send a /tell to an Infinitum Scout, Lieutenant, Officer, or FC Master with their full name so they can initiate an invite. Asking plainly in FC chat is not advised as the request could be buried or not seen quickly enough by those with invite privileges in some situations. Azure Infinitum Official Events allow friends of our members to attend, however some events such as Wondrous Wednesday, Treasure Thursday, and 24-Man Fridays have a priority order of FC Members 1st, Alliance Members 2nd, and FC Memebers' Friends 3rd. Big events such as Azure Day are hosted for Free Company Members and Alliance LS Members. Our members' friends and Azure Alumnus are welcome to attend, however official prizes are limited to Azure Infinitum Members and Alliance LS Members. In some rare circumstances depending on the event, we may ask FC Members' friends to step out.

  • Keep in mind if you feel like recruiting often that we do have the "Infinitum Scout" rank which has the ability to invite players at will without the need of a Lt., Officer or FC Master. Please consult an Officer or FC Master to ask about being promoted to that rank.
  • If you attempt to recruit whatsoever via /tells or /shouts keep in mind that you represent Azure Infinitum and must abide by all General Rules in representing yourself as well as a member of this FC. Do not spam invite via /tells or /shouts, a /shout in each zone every 20-30 RL minutes is good enough, but no more than 3 shouts in each zone in 1 hour, a couple times a day. Do not snipe invite by sending invites to anyone without speaking to them first and gaining their permission to invite them. When recruiting don't just pick anyone, try to use your best judgement and try to make sure you're bringing in a decent member to the FC. Noobs are always welcomed recruits, but players with at least one max level job and some experience are more quickly useful to the FC. We're always welcoming casuals/newbies/veterans/returning players alike. Just make sure you inform them of our no-drama policy and give them a chance to see our Estate and website at least.


Recruitment Policies, Strategies, Spamming, FC Applications, and Recruit Flooding
  • Azure Infinitum welcomes players of all experience, those who are returning to the game, new to the game, veterans, and casual players alike. To close recruitment is to welcome stagnation. Recruitment must follow specific guidelines. Scouts who are interested in recruitment shall not begin recruiting until having an appointment with the FC Master or an Officer for specific guidelines and recruitment rules. Members are welcome to ask any ranked member (Scout, Lt., Officer, Master) for an invite for any of their friends or someone they have met.
  • Applications are not to be accepted until a ranked member (Scout, Lt., Officer, Master) has spoken with the applicant and given them the rundown on our community. Usually an Officer or the FC Master will handle applications, but its recommended to not let the Applicant wait too long and any Lt. and Scout is permitted to assist.

  • EDITED 6/22/17 All potential recruits and applicants alike MUST be given our website link ( and a mention of our rules/guidelines page (this page) and our no-drama policy at the very least before having their applications accepted or an invite being sent.
  • Spam-invites and blind-invites (sending an invite to the FC to a random person without speaking to them first) are not permitted and may result in serious penalty and repercussion. Harassing anyone to join the FC is never ok, do not approach anyone who is not FCless (without an FC) this is called 'Poaching' and it is a deplorable act we treat with extreme penalty. If you know someone who is already wanting to leave their FC, by all means give them the appropriate information about our FC if they want it. Anyone caught abusing their invite-privileges will have them taken away and their rank demoted.
  • Shouts are one of three main methods to recruitment. Utilizing party finder and sending fcless /tells are two more. Keep your shouts to the point and keep them ONE shout. Do not over-shout or shout in the same zone more than 2-3 times per day and keep them spaced by no less than about 30 minutes. It is recommended that you use good keywords like "active and friendly community" or "friendly to players of all experience ie; returning, new, casual, veteran alike" and include the FC tag somewhere '<Azure>'. Capitalizing it as <AZURE> is also okay to catch attention. Keep your shouts groomed and spell-checked, you are representing the FC and should appear as professional as possible. There may be times when someone from another FC shouts over you with their recruitment shout, do not shout again just to cover them up. Sometimes people in the zone feel the need to shout something back at you, sometimes its derogatory, do not engage trolls or argue with someone in shouts. If someone uses /shout in response to your recruitment shout and its a viable question about the FC answer it then take the conversation to tells, if its a false statement about our FC (example: 'they only recruit elite' or 'they only raid') you are more than welcome to answer with "Azure Infinitum welcomes players of all experience and style" or correct any false info so long as it doesn't become a long shout conversation or an argument in /shout. If so just let it go and do not respond.
  • When utilizing the Party Finder for recruitment, use a similar strategy in writing your ad as you did would with a shout. Example: "<AZURE> INFINITUM is an Active, Organized & Friendly community, welcoming all returning, new, casual, veteran players! /tell to inquire!" is perfect and gets several messages across and uses very important keywords. The PF lets you write no more than the example above, so be wise with it. If someone else from the FC is recruiting via PF do not overlap theirs and add a second Azure recruitment post to the PF- that gives a poor statement and can annoy the server community.
  • If you recruit someone to the FC via invite or request, you are being trusted on your judgement in allowing them or asking for them to enter our community. New recruits who've joined via member request must be spoken to by a ranked member and given our appropriate information.
  • You are responsible to a small extent should that new recruit cause some kind of drama or break our rules, so use your best judgement and make sure they're aware of our guidelines. New recruits like all members are expected to know our rules, and they'll be judged accordingly should it happen. Adding a troll to the FC, RMT (aka gilsellers), or someone's 2+ alts is not permitted. We avoid inviting people with silly names that are innuendos, sexual, racist, or offensive. Anyone with the sprout logo or who are new, who haven't picked a Grand Company yet, make sure they're serious about joining and staying in the game. Free-Trial players cannot join an FC, but you're welcome to let them know they can join us when they obtain the full game, linking them to our site helps a lot.
  • ADDED 7/18/18 Recruitment Flooding is considered to be when one or more sources cause a large influx of players to join Azure Infinitum in a very short time. This could be caused by member ranks or higher filling the application window or mass-inviting too many people in one day. Our Growth Philosophy is that we prefer to grow slower and bond faster with those we do have in our community before going gung-ho about adding as many players as possible and filling up our allotted 512 roster slots. Unless there is a merger with another community in the works, we typically consider Recruitment Flooding to be defined as 10 or more recruited players per member or groups of members working together per day. Recruits may be questioned if their recruiters or referring members of Azure or elsewhere gave them appropriate and required information to join our community. Anyone not following our recruitment policies and rules found here could face action.


  • EDITED 6/22/17 Our Company Workshop is used for the construction of Airship parts and Company Items we've unlocked via the Schematic Board that we build using the Fabrication Station. We've hit a point where our airships are set for a while, and we now mainly craft 3 Grade III Aetherial Wheels per week. Azure Infinitum provides FC Diadem Exploratory Missions via our airships. Missions are usually not a planned event and are under the fulls discretion of the leading rank who activates the mission. We are only allowed 4 airships and some may still be out gathering supplies. Do not cancel an exploratory venture at any time should an airship still be out. If an airship is available for use, a quick check with the Azure Council is recommended before activating a mission. Those who use the Fabrication Station to craft a personal item must be first cleared to do so by an Officer or FC Master and cannot hoard the station for extended periods of time. If your item is not finished and a queue begins forming your item could be finished for you and possibly claimed by another leading rank. If the Fabrication Station is used to craft expensive items that you intend not to use but to sell right away for personal gain, we ask that you donate at least 10% of that item's worth to the FC chest.


  • Members who have joined the Azure Infinitum Free Company and this website who have then left the in-game Free Company and are not presently in an Allied FC will be documented and ranked on this website as an Azure Alumnus, aka Ex-Azure member and friend to the community. Members who have left the free company and have joined an Allied FC will be given the Allied Member rank as long as you're in it. If at any time you've broken major guidelines and were removed from the community in any form your Azure Alumnus status and rank will be revoked and your account will be made either inactive or deleted depending on the severity. If you decide to make your account on this site Inactive you will become invisible on the roster and will not be considered an Azure Alumnus. All Azure Alumnus are allowed to remain on this site, make posts, private message, and make use of our on-site resources such as guides and more. Azure Alumnus are also allowed to remain in our FB community, temporarily visit our Discord, and visit the Free Company estate in-game as well as Company Meetings.

  • EDITED 6/22/17 The feed and a good chunk of this site is public, so keep in mind what you post can be seen by anyone on the internet. Should you abruptly become removed from any form of Azure Infinitum's community or deactivate your account, we are not responsible for what information you have already put on this website, and are not expected to have to remove it all for you when you're gone.
  • Never embed any pictures or videos that are obviously NSFW, please use your common sense; no violently graphic content or full on nudity. If you absolutely have to in the forums, put it behind a link with a warning and title your posts appropriately!
  • Debating or arguing on the forums is fine as long as the conversation remains on topic in some sort of fashion- just never make things personal, or go beyond our general rules found above.
  • Breaking the rules = warning. Second warning = revoking some privileges. Third warning = revoking privileges possibly permanently and possible further action.
  • Remember, again, the forums are public. Every post you make does return to us as a whole. Refer to the bible for behavior guidelines. Don't troll. Don't be an asshole.
  • 6/22/17 Do not post/repost misinformation, articles to make fun of, etc., or things that are sourced from other FCs/linkshells. Cracking jokes at someone else's expense among friends, fine, but don't bring that to our public forums: it's petty and pointless. Discussion about FC politics surrounding the server like Monthly and Weekly Lodestone rankings, or events held by other FCs is fine, but nothing defamatory or false please. Our community does have a good list of inside jokes, posting about these are fine with discretion, feel free to ask if you're unsure, do not put others down- not everyone knows all the inside jokes.


  • You are allowed to record and publicly stream our events or any FC activity as long as you inform those with you that they are on a stream or being recorded. Feel free to link your Twitch or other streaming service when streaming, we don't mind allowing more viewers to come your way! If you stream a lot or would like to stream FC Events, contact a Council Member (Lt., Officer, FC Master) and we could set up an on-site widget for everyone to be able to view.


  • EDITED 6/22/17 We highly encourage the use of anything that will help you analyze your gameplay or others' gameplay. We prohibit the use of anything that will endanger your account or that is against Final Fantasy XIV's Terms of Service, as your character is a reflection of not just your personal investment, but also the FC's investment in you. Ex.: parsers are okay; speedhacks and gathering bots are not okay and are subject for discharge.
  • The Azure Council reserves the right to make strong decisions and take authoritative action against members who are found to or highly suspected to use botting methods and/or illegal 3rd Party Programs.