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Here lies the chronicling of Azure Infinitum Tournament Champions.

The courageous souls found here fought in Azure Infinitum Grand Melees and Duel Tournaments, sub hyacintho caelum torneamentum (under the blue sky tournament), and stood victoriously under the azure sky at the end.

Valiantly battling their brethren and also working together with them in the challenges faced by the Grand Melee, Champions are then born after winning a series of duels in the Azure Duel Tournament thereafter, in the sight of guardians and men, and by body, blade, and tome.

May they ever walk in the light of the crystal, As Free As The Azure Sky!

11.27.16 - 3.9.17

Leopectus Ehrlich is Azure Infinitum's first Champion, and earned the title on Sunday, November 27th, 2016 during the second Anniversary Azure Day where the very first Grand Melee and Duel Tournament took place. 'Leo' as many call him, was one of 24 entrants in the first Grand Melee, consisting of three teams comprising eight members per team. Leo's team was one of two of the three that emerged victorious, and he entered the Duel Tournament among 15 others. Leo could be found practicing rigorously before the Grand Melee and Tournament on multiple classes, but entered and won as a Paladin. After 5 duels, Leo became a Champion and immortalized in Azure Infinitum history. Following his victory he faced Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima in a Memorial Duel, Paladin versus Paladin, and bested her after a long and exciting match as many of the Infinitum Members watched from the edges of the viewing area.

In March 2017 Leopectus defended his title against Fujin Kaze and lost with a score of 2 to 1.

2.26.17 - 10.17

Fujin Kaze is Azure Infinitum's second Champion, earning his title on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 on the first Azure Day of 2017 where the 2nd Grand Melee and Duel Tournament took place. "The Wind of the Azure Sky" as he is nicknamed, was one of 16 entrants in the second Grand Melee and fought alongside his team against three other teams of four. Fujin entered both the Grand Melee and the Duel Tournament as a Warrior and tanked for his team who together, became one of two that were victorious and continued on to the Duel Tournament. Among seven other hard-fought Grand Melee victors, Fujin quickly whisked his way to the top with flashes of his flaming blue relic axe. After emerging victorious as Azure Infinitum's next Champion, Fujin gave a speech to the audience, and partook in a Memorial Duel where he faced Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima, Warrior versus Paladin, and bested her as the Infinitum Members and audience watched and cheered them on. Following Fujin's victory in the Grand Melee and Duel Tournament, he became the first Champion to enact his right to challenge the previous victor, Champion Leopectus Ehrlich in the first ever Champion's Duel which would solidify Fujin Kaze's title as Champion and end Leopectus' title reign. In a clash of Champions and blazing relic light, Leopectus Ehrlich and Fujin Kaze squared off as Warrior vs Warrior. Fujin won their match and became immortalized in Azure Infinitum history.

In May of 2017 Fujin Kaze defended his title against Eschina Ryder who had climbed to the top of the Duel Tournament after her team survived a grueling Grand Melee. Eschina was 1 to 1 with Fujin until Fujin pulled through after a near-upset and claimed victory again.

In October 2017 Fujin Kaze defended his title against Sayane Miu who topped the Duel Tournament and challenged Fujin for his title. Sayane won their match as a Bard and ended Fujin Kaze's 8 month streak with a score of 2 to 0.

Presently Fujin Kaze holds the record of Longest Reigning Champion with a total of about 8 months.

Trivia: Kaze means wind in Japanese, and it was a coincidence in most of Fujin's battles that the weather at the Wolve's Den happened to begin thunder-storming as he fought, but on the day of his defeat it was sunny.

10.17 - 2.18

Sayane Miu is Azure Infinitum's third Champion earning her title against the long reigning previous Champion, Fujin Kaze in early October 2017. Sayane was one of 8 entrants who survived the Grand Melee out of 16, and won August 2017's Duel Tournament, becoming the Tournament Winner. Due to life complications the title match had to be held over a month and a half later, making Sayane the longest Tournament Victor so far to hold a ticket for a free shot at the Champion's title. Sayane is also Azure Infinitum's first female Champion. At the title match many gathered in the audience to witness, anxious to see if Fujin Kaze would remain undefeated after an 8 month reign or if Sayane would be the one to finally beat his streak. Coming in hot and fast as a Bard, Sayane won the match against her brutal axe-wielding opponent with a score of 2 to 0, claiming a victory and the title of Infinitum Champion. Sayane Miu is also the first Infinitum Champion to claim victory as a non-tank, Bard DPS class.

2.18- present

Arikajumonji Kalenji took hold of the Infinitum Championship at the start of 2018 after defeating Sayane Miu at the Azure Day February 2018 Grand Melee and Duel Tournament. Arikajumonji Kalenji is the final Champion to have entered the Duel Tournament via victory in the Grand Melee- a past stipulation that saw 2 winning PVP teams that claimed victory in the Grand Melee Feast Tournament as the Duel Tournament's entries, excluding any special contenders.
Arika or Ari as he's often called for short, went on to defend his title since with a total of 5 title defenses, setting a record in Azure History previous held by Fujin Kaze. Ari is Azure's longest reigning Champion who has held the title for almost 14 months or 1 year and 2 months, however his reign has been slightly extended due to rescheduling and reorganizing of the Duel Tournament event, as there were 2 Duel Tournament reschedules.
Throughout his reign, Arika has remained a positive Champion, often contributing advice and key recommendations that have not only lead to a better Duel Tournament organization, but also helping others learn tips and PVP knowledge as well.
Arika marks the first time an Infinitum Officer has won the Duel Tournament, his predecessors being one Member (Sayane Miu) and two Infinitum Scouts (Leopectus Ehrlich and Fujin Kaze).