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Azure Infinitum is an established, active, organized, and friendly community with a no-drama policy, lead by dedicated leadership and support ranks, and made of loyal members who share the positive values our community represents and projects.

In our community you will find weekly and daily events, big quarterly holidays that celebrate the community across entire weekends, festivals that celebrate holidays and seasons, and an innovative social community that is always active. Whether you're informed by our large monthly company meetings or from notifications on our social platforms like on this site's calendar, our Facebook, or our Discord, you'll find there's always something to look forward to on the horizon.

Azure Infinitum commands excellence, shares freedom, and inspires passion.

We promote a standard of excellence from our event organization to problem solving, and from our attitudes we display toward one another to our overall harmony. We grasp freedoms together, all are welcome in our community regardless of experience or skill, leadership stays appropriate and professional to maintain order, and a trove of opportunities await every member who'd grasp them. Our passion is a reputation that precedes us, morale never dwindling, always promoting fellowship, and the development of rich camaraderie among our people, ready to be an example to all.

Our History

For nearly 4 years Azure Infinitum has thrived in Final Fantasy XIV's Midgardsormr Server. Consecutively placing in the game's top communities along with being at the top rankings of our own server for years, our community has continued to find success. We are always evolving and open to enhancing every corner that we can muster development in. We have grown together as a community as the years and ages of our game pass. Since our founding we have met much trial and error with problem solving and the creation of sturdy rules and strong customs. While not a 'role-playing' guild per say, you will find we have unique traits- and among them all, is our history and story as a community.

Azure Infinitum was founded on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at Maelstrom Command in Limsa Lominsa.

It's name means Infinite Azure or Infinite Blue, and it represents our philosophy of harmony and endless dedication to our values.

"As Free As The Azure Sky!" is one of our most common cries of morale and passion.

Together as one, it was Reika Fujishima and The First Thirteen, who shared dreams of a new Free Company that would focus on these ideals without faulter.

Thrust into a faux leadership meant for building another's community, and burdened by a server-wide conspiracy that threatened all communities on Midgardsormr, Reika Fujishima and her companions endured and exposed the conspirators, saving many, but losing their home in the process.

From the ashes of the Crimson Blades Free Company came they who endured and sought a future of hope, love, and success.

Azure Infinitum was born.

Under Reika Fujishima's leadership, integrity, and perseverance, the founding members of Azure Infinitum and final members of Crimson Blades put their resources together to build anew and forge a path into the future that would shine brightly.

Since it's founding day, Azure Infinitum has stood unshakable, overcoming any obstacles, realizing goals and seeing them to completion, meeting many new friends and comrades along the way. Azure Infinitum is our family of comrades, it is our victory together for those who have been, who are with us, and who are yet to come.

"I, Reika Fujishima, Infinitum Master, believe in the enrichment of our members, and community uplifting as a whole, that together we are impossibly strong, and that a place like our community is possible when guided with the values we strive to uphold. Month after month for over 4 years Azure Infinitum has been a strong success. As a community we are organized, our actions and decisions absolute and our goals met and planned ahead of time. We do not strive for pure success and accolades, but accept and grasp them as they come from a result of our will and determination. Uncountable memories and priceless moments shared together are some of our greatest treasure. Azure Infinitum continues to be an existence that promotes positive outlook, tackles trials and new improvements, and seeks to evolve in every arena available. It is both my honor and my pleasure, to welcome all who would uphold our values and proudly wear our name, and to be your Free Company Master." -Reika Fujishima

The member's progression and accomplishments are very important and should never be ignored, at our very core we value our members and believe that adventures together in Eorzea are a lot more fun when everyone is having a good time and being successful. There is an almost surreal high level of morale in our community, and our members loyally promote Azure Infinitum when possible. The Azure Council makes sure that members of this Free Company have a plethora of options available to them. Ranks are organized and have purpose and duty. Quarterly and special events called Azure Days give back to the community in sometimes 20+ hour events spread over multiple days, in the form of special games, contests, and giveaways. Weekly events are organized, maintained, and seen through to completion.

"Carry the Infinitum's Will as your torch, with it illuminate all shadows. In Azure glory, it has withstood the rage of the seas, the falling of stars, the wrath of the sun, and the crushing weight of the moon. Stand together with your Azure brothers and sisters, even if they fall, raise their spirits, and charge! Discord thrives in the dark and light, but at the battles end stay steadfast. Carry each other with satisfaction, stare into your trials with strong resolve, you are never alone." - an Infinitum Member Creed from the tome, 'Libra Infinitus' ch.7

"To all of my children in whom life flows abundant, fly with your wings, shining in the sky's light of justice. Focus your eyes where our plight is victorious, keeping a keen ear to all who cry defeated. As our souls yearn for honor, do not be caught in frivolous things, look to those who've flown before, to lead those who will fly after. Your souls will be torn, stand together and they wont be forsaken. Our lives are but riddles to bear joy and dispair, stay strong and know the azure sky will always be there. The land and sky is alive, free, infinite, grand, azure, Azure, AZURE!!! So believe." -Reika Fujishima

How to Join:
  • If you've found this page and are interesting in joining Azure Infinitum, please register an application here on our site then seek out any of our Scouts, Lieutenants, Officers, or the Master of Azure Infinitum in-game and ask for an invite. You can find their names on the roster page.
  • Our only requirements are a decent attitude, agreeing to a no-drama policy, and viewing our rules page.
  • We have schedules provided for activities, however members are free to play the game doing whatever they wish.
  • We encourage social activity in the FC Chat and during runs or helping fellow members, but if you're a quiet type we wont kick you.
  • You truly get back what you put into Azure Infinitum. Many members who fail to establish a presence and choose to never interact with our community at all or almost never, often leave feeling isolated or claiming that they never connected here. If that is so it is completely their fault, we provide a plethora of opportunities.
  • Our Discord (not required but available to those who like it) info is on the left sidebar, just click it.
  • Our Free Company Estate is located in Mist, Ward 7 Plot 1 where you can select the welcome board in front of the house to fill out an in-game application.
  • One final disclaimer: we have 280+ members. Over half our roster logs in during a 24-hour cycle, with 50-70 being online at once during prime-time hours in the USA. We kick members who have not been online by their 60th day without giving us some kind of notice, and will give someone a 120 day On Vacation rank who does give us notice. We do not consider ourselves hardcore or elite as some may perceive by our high rankings in the top free companies on The Lodestone. We are well-rounded, friendly, and good at what we do. We are more than happy to always welcome casuals, veterans, returning, and new players alike, regardless of experience.