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Reika Fujishima / Oct 17, 2019
Greetings everyone!
Wanted to let you all know that the big monthly Community Update is coming soon. That's our news and announcement round-up I put out every 1 to 1.5 months or so which helps you get an easy look at everything happening in Azure!
Here is a mini-update!

Azure is moving!
The time has finally come! For years I've been asked if we would move the FC Estate to a larger plot, and I have always answered that ours was too sentimental. We've had 5 years at Mist 7 Plot 1 and I feel in my heart that its time. We have entered the next era of our community, with many old and new faces alike, Azure is looking to continue to grow further, and for its coming years to be brighter and better than ever before.
That being said, a larger plot will mean much more room for events and grouping procedures, more garden space, more facilities, more storage, and more furnishings!
The opportunity comes with Patch 5.1 which is estimated to drop Tuesday morning. (Official launch-date and times will be announced at Live Letter this Fri) The new patch will be bringing 3 new wards and subdivisions to each of the 4 housing districts!

That being said, it is still in deciding what plot we will go for, and where, but the goal is to get one near an MB and retainer bell for conveniences.
I hope that this excites you, everyone here when the new Patch comes will witness Azure history and the founding of the NEW Infinitum Hall!

We need your help!
In order to take this opportunity it is going to cost Azure quite a bit of gil, estimated about 50,000,000. If it comes all from our Company Chest, which will leave us under our standard budget for Anniversary Azure Day (Nov.15th-17th) and Azure Starlight Day (Dec.21st) which usually tally in the 20-30 mil range.
This is a call for donations! We need as much help in funding as possible, anything helps! All Azure recruits and higher can deposit gil in the Company Chest, found inside the FC Estate, and major city-states and certain hubs.
We have an estimated 7 days or so until we believe the patch will launch (usually its Tuesdays and they said toward the end of October) when we'll buy the new plot, and about 30 days until our big 5th anniversary celebratory weekend.

Myself and our council will also be taking prize item donations for Anniversary Azure Day Weekend 2019, just trade us anything you think would be a good prize for the places in the contests and more that we run during our huge quarterly and special celebtations!
More information reguarding Anniversary Azure Day Weekend 2019, including the weekend's event list, features, and more, will be announced in the near future.

Azure Saint's Wake takes place Saturday, 10/26/19, which will feature our FC's Halloween/All Saint's Wake party and event that will begin at 8est/5pst and run through the evening with giveaways/flash raffles, costume party & screenshots fun, and a couple surprises!
We'll be having our bi-yearly Airship and Submarine Naming Contests again soon, TBA! So think of some good names and get them ready (1 for ship, 1 for sub) for posting when the official thread is announced!
Starting the first week of Patch 5.1 will be the return of Azure 24-Man Fridays, with YorHa: Dark Apocalypse! This means that Azure Eden Tuesdays will be retired until Patch 5.2's next batch of Eden raids, but we will still be running Eden Loot Finishers every Sunday still, which features a run through each normal Eden raid for a shot at loot or clears if you hadn't gotten your loot yet for the week, or a clear yet.
Thank you all for taking the time to read this mini-update!
Look forward to the big update coming that will address everything to look forward to, any changes, and more you should know!


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