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Notice of Maintenance

Reika Fujishima / Sep 09, 2019
Our website will be going under some maintenance today and a little more throughout the week.
The site will be functional throughout maintenance.
Due to some errors and actions of recent previous staff, there are a handful of accounts who's permissions were/are wrong, and should be completely resolved within the next couple hours.
Since August 1st and the recent event known as The Sundering in our community, major clerical updates have been required and in need across our community.
Past FFXIV FC members of good record who are ranked as Azure Alumnus on our site and who are allowed to continue utilizing our resources, viewing our content, or interacting with our community- will continue to have limited permissions for the time being until certain processes are completed. Those processes may include back-end maintenance or roster checks for re-joins/bans.
An update to our Official Ban List, Event Calendar, and Rules Page will be completed during the week, and an announcement of rule amendments or additions will be posted here. You can view our Rules Page anytime here:
If you haven't registered at our website yet, it is highly recommended, as you'll have access to our forums, event and contest threads, featured community content of past and present, and much more.


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