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Community Update August 2019

Reika Fujishima / Aug 10, 2019
What follows is a list of updates announced first on our Discord on August 7th, as a follow-up to our recent July-August Community Update.
There may be some changes announced since our last community update.


-Monstrous Mondays is presently post-poned until further notice. This is a result of it's previous hosts and creators leaving our community. Plans are in the works to return MM to Mondays eventually after further structure is rebuilt among ranked members and new hosting plans are finalized. These things take time with some folks having different schedules, training in our event protocol, and care to ensure proper promotions are put in place. An announcement will come as soon as things are more locked in and a new MM schedule can be sturdy and manifested.
-A recruitment drive has begun that will continue for some time. This includes welcoming batches of new recruits of all experience into our community during each week. This is partly a result of our recent de-merger with a large group that has left the community along with others who left for personal or reactionary reasons.
New recruits or fresh blood is a very positive thing, and brings us new personalities to play with, possibilities for new friendships, and continued activity in the community. This drive was previously planned to take place pre-Shadowbringers Early Access week in an attempt to bring in fresh faces to our community and realize a fully capped and supremely active roster. Now more than ever, we welcome all new Azure recruits and any who may return, as this new era is upon us.

-A lvl 60 and lvl80 Striking Dummy has been placed on the Estate Lawn due to recent feedback.
-Wondrous Wednesdays has returned, but grouping will only be called for shortly between 4:30p/7:30e through to the hour, as the event is sometimes hit or miss.
-Due to the need to rebuild Azure's Support and Leadership Structure, some promotion formalities and requirements are temporarily on-hold, or will be privately assessed on a case-by-case basis by the FC Master. This is an effort to create a new structure in a timely manner while continuing to take care of who's promoted and make sure they are decently informed or trained.
-Some changes to certain ranks' descriptions and purposes is taking place and will be noticeably fleshed out in time. This includes the present permission for Scouts to help host events, and the establishment of Lieutenant rank as a new support rank above Scout as a part of our new Small Council. Small Council duties includes regular Scout duties along with helping manage Free Company Estate operation, assisting the High Council of future Officers and the FC Master, helping manage applications, the Azure prize pool, and more.
-Our FC Estate Hall is presently locked to those who are not in our Free Company. This is due to recent message book trolling in our Hall.
In time it will be unlocked.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
-The Azure Grand Assembly previously scheduled for August 10th will be rescheduled.
-Concerning our recruitment drive mentioned earlier in today's announcements- anyone can assist Azure with this by looking for FC-less players and pitching to them. Make sure to include that we have a no-drama policy here and give them our website link, letting them know where our rules page are. Members can ask players to put in an application or tell a Scout or higher who to invite.
If you would like to help advertise our FC via /shout, you must follow our Scout's recruitment rules found on the Scout thread in Forums>Announcements>Scout thread at our site.
If you'd like to join the Scouts, our official support team, read the thread mentioned just above and DM me anytime.
-Past Members of Member and Scout ranks of Azure Infinitum that return to the FFXIV Azure Infinitum FC who left during the months of July and early August 2019 are/will be pardoned from our 3-join policy upon return.


-Currently our MHW PS4 activities are post-poned. This includes our weekly Hunt-A-Thons.
-The previous Azure squad created by Xaxial is no longer an official Azure squad nor should be associated with Azure Infinitum if that squad still exists.
-Present Branch Leader PSN: Siegfried_Wilde can still be messaged with any questions regarding The Azure Infinitum MHW PS4 Branch at present time.
-The Branch will not be retired, and plans are in the works to assign new Branch Leaders, create a new Squad, and start new Hunt-A-Thons on a new schedule.
Many who enjoy MHW on PS4 will enjoy playing with Azure comrades as we prepare for the Iceborne expansion, coming September 6th.
-The Azure Infinitum MHW PS4 Branch Azure Summer Festival crossover event mentioned in the July-August 2019 Community Update on has been cancelled.
-MHW content will continue to be represented and shared on our Official Facebook Page regardless of Branch hiatus at:

-Azure Summer Festival 2019 has been rescheduled to take place during Saturday, August 24th. This event has been shortened to one full day of back to back games and activity, and will not include our yearly charity drive this year. This is due to a recent loss in resources and some plans.
-Instead of our usual grand jewel of the summer, we will be going all out for our 5th Anniversary Azure Day in November, which will take place November 22-24, 2019, and will include our yearly charity drive.
This will give us more time to establish a new Support and Leadership structure, and meet many new faces, see a greater increase in activity and attendance, and continue to bond with our new recruits leading up to our grand anniversary weekend celebration!


-The recent event and de-merger of a large number of previous community members of all ranks was addressed here previously and temporarily on The situation did include an effort by certain individuals to cause damages to our community. As days followed, our chest and certain housing items were robbed, members were poached or told falsehoods so they'd leave (poaching), and other drama took place. Overall this was a very negative event but things have begun to calm down.
Due to the nature of the events that took place and its unfortunate origins, I will hereby refer to this point in our history simply as "The Sundering". (To break or split apart from a purposeful whole.)
Since some have asked, there will be no new Skyfallen (our top offenders list w/recommendations on who to avoid) added, and the Skyfallen list has been removed. A Universal Ban List will be created and provided for our Scouts and higher to reference.
Choosing to move forward beyond The Sundering, is in no way an effort to sweep recent events or past personalities under the rug.
Since Tuesday, July 30th I have asked that we begin starting to move forward as a community and to not debate the events, actions, or entities involved in The Sundering in our community channels. There will be no tolerance for those who incite further drama or keep this fell subject alive in our community.
Going as far as to cause concern or openly questioning Azure Leadership negatively, discouraging new recruits or returning players from staying in Azure, or projecting too much negativity in our channels will also have no tolerance and will result in a discharge or a strike.
We need to continue to be positive, work together, and stay together to make things work for the benefit of everyone. :)
-Currently there is a great deal of clerical work in progress. This includes adjusting ranks and permissions across our community on sites like FB, Discord, Steam, or more.


-Sharp pruning has been activated in our Discord to remove inactive non-ranked Discord users.
-Our Discord is now only open to those who have a registered phone on their account, and must be members of the Azure Infinitum FFXIV FC, New MHW PS4 Squad, Steam or FB Group members, present active accounts on our website:, or confirmed personalities who may be allowed to stay on a case-by-case basis.
-Those who have yet to adjust their server nickname will be regularly kicked but may return. Nickname/Discord Membership rules are posted in the #welcome channel.


Work on the new Azure Network site has begun. This includes a brand new website and portal for Azure Infinitum as a brand and adaptable gaming community in association with its parent, RA:N The new site will have a better community news system, responsive coding, pages for Azure Branches, new community and member features, features for content creators, a new Universal Rules section, entertainment, and much more.
-Due to the heavy Azure Network development period that will take place over the following months, some features on our current site will be discontinued.
-I am presently looking for future Branch Leaders of Scout rank and higher, as well as proposals for Branches by members of any rank.

[PS4 Community]

-Our Azure Infinitum PS4 Community group found on PlayStation 4 consoles connected with PlayStation Network has been terminated by its previous founder.
I regret that we did not establish a new one in time to invite our members to a new permanent one before the previous one's termination.
-A new Azure Infinitum PS4 Community will be created, with information on how to join and what its benefits are for our valued PlayStation players across our community and Branches!

-Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima


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