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Discord Update

Reika Fujishima / May 10, 2019
Thank you to everyone who has had patience with our big discord update through the evening and early morning. Things are set for now, everyone should be able to see old and new channels alike, as well as pinned messages for the channels that have them, announcement and news channels, and message history for the channels that existed before. Some channels have been renamed, other areas have been re-organized and split up. Voice channels now accompany the Text ones that are in relation per category.

This humungous update features over 80 channels of text and voice that reflects the coming sections and purposes of Azure Infinitum and Azure Infinitum Network's future. More may be added or edited in the future.

We now have Ser Aymeric as our Discord Bot. Our bot can do a handful of amazing things based on simple yet special commands you'll have to memorize if you want to use him to google things, share videos, show your character data, do silly stuff, and much more. You can find all of his commands here:

I hope you all enjoy this big update to our discord, and our friendly new bot. Aymeric will now be supplying new members with supplementary information upon joining Azure, as well as calling out major weekly events an hour or half an hour before hand. I hope you enjoy using our bot to its potential. A level up system has also been installed that will begin to assign you Azure Discord Levels based on your discord activity. These levels can be applied to future rewards, we don't know exactly what to do with them just yet.

If anyone experiences any bugs or cannot see pins, message history, or the 80+ channels on the channel list, please dm me with what you can't see or what you're experiencing.
Also note that channel descriptions have been provided for our text channels, viewable at the top of the window in each one on PC.
Thank you everyone, please enjoy!


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