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March 2019 Community Update

Reika Fujishima / Mar 25, 2019

Welcome to our March 2019 Update for the Azure Infinitum community!
Here you'll find a list of dates to remember and things to look forward to.

Firstly, here's a big welcome to all of our newest members and a welcome back to all those who've returned to FFXIV and/or Azure Infinitum!

Coming up:

3/26 - Patch 4.56 goes live adding even Further Hildibrand Adventures, a special new series of beast tribe quests, and the gripping conclusion to the Stormblood main scenario.
3/29 - 24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy returns to run all 3 Ivalice Raids, continuing weekly until the last week of June 2019.
3/30 - The All New Grand Melee and Duel Tournament takes place starting with grouping for the Grand Melee Feast team tournament, starting at 2p/5e.
4/6 - Azure Infinitum Company Assembly & Meeting: All members and alliance members and any personal guests are welcome to attend our assembly and meeting which will cover recent changes or additions to our community policies or events, announcements of upcoming Azure functions, details about plans that relate to new or old FFXIV content and patches, and information on Azure Optional Services, Social Platforms, and future Azure Infinitum Original Content. Meeting begins at 4p/7e and the log will be recorded for later posting.
4/7 - 5/5 - Spring 2019 Decor Contest for Rooms/Apartments and Private Estates
4/16 - 5/27 - FFXIV/FFXV crossover event in FFXIV: Meet Noctis from FFXV in Eorzea and get new hairstyles, glamour, and even the Regalia, an all new 4-person mount!
5/11 - Azure Infinitum Company Assembly & Meeting for May 2019

Present Azure Infinitum FC Weekly Schedule:

Our Weekly Schedule as of Patch 4.5 is as follows, in order of XIV's server week:

Tuesday: Eureka Weekly Meetup (Pagos-Pyros Focus, all needs welcome)
Wednesday: Wondrous Wednesdays (WT Parties)
Thursday: Treasure Thursdays (Timeworn Gazelleskin Map parties)
Friday: 24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy
Saturday: Movie Night, Free Day (Leveling buffs, possible wild card events put together by council or members/scouts)
Sunday: Alphascape Loot Finishers if needed
Monday: Monstrous Mondays (Trial Clears/Possible mount farm)

All Official Council-lead Parties Group at 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST, are first-come first serve, with callouts for open space depending on each party. Thursdays Map Teams Begin Grouping at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST and continue callouts for open spots until 6pm PST/9pm EST
Grouping for 24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy takes place via Private Party Finder Party w/password announcement at 4:30p/7:30e, grouping continues as long as needed.

New Events and Event/Azure Services Updates:

Movie Night - This event is being organized and tested on Saturdays using official streaming services to provide group watching as a fun event for members to join in on via our discord server and is free to attend and see weekly hosted films together with FC mates.

24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy: The event was changed to 24-Man Fridays: Orbonne Monastery last week due to the timing of the Final Fantasy XIV: Fanfest Tokyo Keynote stream. The event will return to hosting the full Ivalice raid trilogy again from 3/29 onward.

FFXIV:Fanfest Tokyo Stream Watch Party: The event has now officially ended, however the Fanfest discord channel will be left unlocked for discussions for some time. The channel will eventually be locked until the 2020/2021 FFXIV: Fanfest tour.

Letter from the Producer Live Watch Party: Will be included as a new channel on our discord along with another for watching Streams of anything together as a part of a new Streaming section which will also include the present channel for Live Streamers to post their channel information or share when they're going live. These addtions will take place amid part of a larger discord update for Azure Infinitum.

April 2019 Large Discord Update: Major changes are coming to the Azure Infinitum Discord server which will include a multitude of new channels for voice and text. The new additions will be organized in categories that members can hide or open depending on their interests, with better organization of text and voice channels that will be listed together instead of 2 separate lists of voice channels and text channels. These preparations will provide a more extensive use of the Azure Infinitum Discord as well as begin to build the foundations for the coming Azure Infinitum Network in 2020. Expect the update in early April.

Azure Optional Services:
-Our Azure Infinitum Face Book Group is always welcoming more members who would like to connect with our community using their Facebook at: If you put in an app, please make sure to let us know who you are in the FC, and even better, feel free to add your input to our "Who's Who" thread so we know who on Facebook are our members in-game.
-Discord is an insanely useful tool for us, and we'd like to make sure everyone enjoys it. Don't forget to read our discord rules at our Rule Page: Remember that your screenshots, jokes, lore stories, favorite music or videos you share, and more, are all eventually buried on discord. Our site: could use a lot more love, posts, threads, and more- and so can our Facebook group. We like seeing your screenshots and more, don't let them dissapear on discord, but by all means continue to share with us where you feel most comfortable.
-In-game we offer an Azure Industry LS for crafters and gatherers from novice to pro, for advice, help, trades, services, and more. Whether you're just getting interested in either crafting or gathering, or want to be connected to Azure Infinitum's large inner-crafting community, just let a Lt. or higher know you're interested in the LS.
-Also in-game is our Azure Hunters LS for ranked Hunts. We need more people calling out/marking Hunts and our Hunters would always appreciate more comrades to join them on Hunts and Hunt Circuits- which seems to be a mostly undiscovered tool of gaining tons of Centurio seals, tomes, gil, and more.

Please remember if anyone has any questions about our events, services, or management of the free company to please approach your Azure Council members or myself anytime with a private message on our discord, an in-game tell, or anywhere you can find us. We work to ensure there is no confusion among our population and that everyone stays on the same page so we can all enjoy the community and see it remains effectively managed.
Reports can also be made to any Scout or higher rank who can make sure the council or myself is informed.



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