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FC Update: Azure Infinitum Network & RA:N Reveal and Feature

Reika Fujishima / Mar 09, 2019

As mentioned at our recent company meetings, the plans are underway to establish Azure Network.

Azure Network will be a refaced Azure site that will allow for members to:

  • Join Azure Branches in different games
  • Share their own content
  • Play together in more games outside of FFXIV
  • Foster closer bonds and make more friends from different worlds
  • Develop or Shop Official Company Merchandise & Affiliated Licensed Products

and will help Azure Infinitum:

  • Grow beyond Final Fantasy XIV
  • Establish presences in other games
  • Create more opportunities to hold events
  • Allow for projects like podcasts, blogs, streams, videos, screenshots, events, and member content to flourish
  • Expand our empire altogether aka "All Your Base Are Belong To Us".

...while being connected in partnership with Run Around:Network lead by CEO & Founder, Lead Writer, and Industry Journalist Hikaru Kazushime!

On RA:N now is a spectacular feature of none other than Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima's story including some supporting quotes from Kihona Kiot.
Both have remained anonymous for more than 5 years and have decided to sacrifice anonymity with some explanations that all should read here.

From Reika:

"All of you must know that all of our interactions, everything from now and forever has been real to me 100%. In the article linked above, I have confessed the revealing of my anonymity and provided explanation to pull you somewhat into my mindset. 5 years is a long time to maintain such a burden, unable to talk and fully laugh with and enjoy everyone who's come to mean so much to me.
I expected for the victory that is Azure to snowball quite a bit, and exceed some expectations, but now that we have reached this point, it is time I reveal my identity to you all. Please read my post fully at RA:N as you have time. It will mean a lot to me and also Kihona to gain your understandings and support.
If anyone feels that I have lied to them or wishes to message me about things, feel free to do so.
I pray that everything I have done in these years will weigh more than what may seem like a lie.

I love you all truly."

Azure Network launches in 2020. The FC is finishing up Stormblood, Relic Progression, and our Weekly Events series until the launch of Shadowbringers. From that point all plans in place currently and the coming months will lead to a stronger, active environment as we storm 5.0 and end the summer with our 3-day Azure Summer Festival which takes place at the end of August.

A decision has been made that The Skyfallen page that displays our most notorious trolls, their charges, and descriptions of their actions will be removed and kept as a private list for admins of the community only.


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