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February 2019 Update

Reika Fujishima / Feb 07, 2019
Good day everyone this is your early February 2019 update following our January Free Company Assembly & Meeting. Here you'll find a small summary of what was announced in January if you haven't read the meeting logs at You will also find further developments listed here, and information good for all members to know!
Our Weekly Schedule as of Patch 4.5 is as follows, in order of XIV's server week:

Tuesday: Eureka Weekly Meetup (Pagos-Pyros Focus)
Wednesday: Wondrous Wednesdays (WT Parties)
Thursday: Treasure Thursdays (Timeworn Gazelleskin Map parties)
Friday: 24-Man Fridays: Ivalice Trilogy
Saturday: Free (Leveling buffs, possible wild card events put together by council or members/scouts)
Sunday: Alphascape Loot Finishers
Monday: Monstrous Mondays (Trial Clears/Possible mount farm)

All Official Council-lead Parties Group at 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST, are first-come first serve, with callouts for open space depending on each party. Thursdays Map Teams Begin Grouping at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST and continue callouts for open spots until 6pm PST/9pm EST

-Eureka Hydatos is the final installment of Stormblood's relic branch, and the end of the Eureka storyline which is recommend to experience. Find out what happened to the Isle of Val, along with many throwbacks to FFV lore and challenges awaiting those who would take on the Forbidden Land. In Hydatos, after completing the Eureka storyline, an absurdly strong creature known as Absolute Justice awaits only the bravest souls willing to take on King Galuf Baldesion's Arsenal (the building in the center of Eureka).
Azure Infinitum began a plan to collect as many relics together as possible starting with our hugely successful Eureka Anemos Expeditions beginning in Spring of 2018. Since then, few parties have gathered for Eureka Pagos, and fewer for Pyros.
Heed my words that Eureka has gotten more manageable and will pay off for those who endure. Azure Council leaders, scouts, and fellow company mates can help you learn what you need or share strategies with you if you're feeling lost in Eureka, and many know just what to do to make it go much more smoothly.

-The FC Menu Bug is still preventing us from adequately managing the FC Roster, discharges will be on hold for members away longer than 2 weeks until it is fixed. I personally reported it and await the next maintenance to see what they'll do.
-The Map Portal Bug mentioned at the meeting hasn't been reported to the Azure Council by any Azure members, so Treasure Thursdays will continue as scheduled.

Azure Day Weekend February 2019
-Azure Day is coming on the 24th and the 25th of this month. It is our quarterly holiday weekend where we celebrate the FC by playing social games, hosting contests, doing giveaways, and a series of back to back events that last roughly 22 hours spread across 2 days.
-The Official Azure Day Weekend February 2019 Program Guide will be up on forums the week of Azure Day Weekend.
-The All-New Grand Melee and Duel Tournament that was announced at the January Azure Infintum Company Assembly & Meeting to take place on the 16th and 17th of February, has been rescheduled to take place in March, and will not occur at the end of next week. This decision comes from the need for more advertising and time to further flesh out the all new tournament event that will kickoff the new Azure Infinitum PVP that is being designed.

-The next Azure Infinitum Company Assembly & Meeting is scheduled for February 16th at 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST
-The Secret Valentiones event is presently in the shipping phase as all who entered are in the process now of mailing each other's Secret Valentione's gifts.
-Scout Applications are being designed to present a better, more streamlined way to joining Azure Infinitum's Official Support rank. When finished, they will be announced and the form will be posted in the Announcements forum.
-The Infinitum Insider has been post-poned for Winter 2019 due to time constraints. All submitted content from members is still stored for the next issue which is in the works for early Spring.
-Azure Members gathered together last weekend between being in-game and together on discord for an unnofficial EU FanFest watch party, despite the NA FanFest being celebrated together officially with prizes and giveaways. Hearing feedback from some members, we have decided to host another unnofficial watch party for the Japanese FanFest stream.
-Crafted Grade III FC Buffs are being stored while our weekly buff schedule remains the same using all basic Grade II buffs. Grade III battle experience buffs are being collected until we have 2 month's worth to activate everyday for the first 60 days of Shadowbringers. This will help massively propel our free company member's levels to 80 faster than anywhere else, and will greatly assist those leveling the new Gunbreaker and currently unannounced new class/es.
-Ranked members (Scouts and up) who have gone MIA for longer than 120 days without communicating with the Azure Council in some way, will be auto-assigned to a Member rank upon returning to the FC until an official request for rank reinstatement is given and then approved by FC Master. Scouts who go MIA for 60 days without contact who return will be on a month of rank probation if returning a second time, 120 days probation and so forth. We want to ensure that those who join our Official Support Team known as the Scouts, that they are serious about being active players, many could be future leaders. Good communication is required.
-The Message Book item at the entrance of our FC Hall (Infinitum Hall) has been archived for uploading on Help us fill it back up again with jokes, kind words about your free company, words of appreciation for others, and nice things! Folks who read our message book can get a glimpse of how much harmony we share together here, and is a testament to our activity together.
Optional Services
-Our Azure Infinitum Face Book Group is always welcoming more members who would like to connect with our community using their Facebook at: If you put in an app, please make sure to let us know who you are in the FC, and even better, feel free to add your input to our "Who's Who" thread so we know who on Facebook are our members in-game.
-Discord is an insanely useful tool for us, and we'd like to make sure everyone enjoys it. Don't forget to read our discord rules at our Rule Page: Remember that your screenshots, jokes, lore stories, favorite music or videos you share, and more, are all eventually buried on discord. Our site: could use a lot more love, posts, threads, and more- and so can our Facebook group. We like seeing your screenshots and more, don't let them dissapear on discord, but by all means continue to share with us where you feel most comfortable.
-In-game we offer an Azure Industry LS for crafters and gatherers from novice to pro, for advice, help, trades, services, and more. Whether you're just getting interested in either crafting or gathering, or want to be connected to Azure Infinitum's large inner-crafting community, just let a Lt. or higher know you're interested in the LS.
-Also in-game is our Azure Hunters LS for ranked Hunts. We need more people calling out/marking Hunts and our Hunters would always appreciate more comrades to join them on Hunts and Hunt Circuits- which seems to be a mostly undiscovered tool of gaining tons of Centurio seals, tomes, gil, and more.

Please join us if you can on February 16th at 4:00pm PST/7:00pm EST at our top floor at our FC Hall for our next Azure Infinitum Company Assembly & Meeting where we'll be making more announcements, releasing more information about Azure Day Weekend February 2019, and more Azure Infinitum events, additions, and future surprises to look forward to. If you can't make it online, an official summary will be posted later on, just keep in mind that our biggest news comes from our meetings first!

Don't forget to keep an eye on this channel!
Have a good week everyone, thank you for reading, and Happy Valentione's Day 2019~!
-Infinitum Master Reika Fujishima



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